Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abang, jawab soalan tu kasi elok sikit..

When i said abang, obviously not refering to my other half..
You may continue reading...

Have you ever facing a situation, where u asked someone a question..
Everyday rite?

Have you ever facing a person yang bila kita tanya soalan, he/she will answer but..

Jawapan dia seiring dengan muka-nada-reaksi-gaya badan yang menunjukkan you asked a stupid question.

Yes, he answered but in that manner.
Nothing maybe for you but as for me, ia sangat makan dalam.

Susah sangat ke nak belajar how to treat people nicely?
Yes, I know you lagi tua..
But, treating youngest nicely tak pernah ada dalam your live dictionary?

Let me tell this..

There is no stupid question
Yang bodoh itu kamu..

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